Genius DIY Hacks That Take The Pain Out Of Painting

Everyone knows painting can be stressful — unless it involves a sip-and-paint night with Bob Ross. But instead of paying a fortune for supplies at Home Depot or an arm and a leg to hire a professional, a simple Pringles can or pool noodle may be all you need. Sound crazy? Well, thanks to these genius DIY hacks, no painting future project will ever be too big, too difficult, or too expensive!

1. Vaseline protection

Vaseline is more than just an injury aid. If there are certain areas of a wall or object that you don’t want to be painted, simply smear a little petroleum jelly on them. The paint won’t stick to the oily surface, and the excess will wipe right off.

2. Fume fighter

To avoid those strong smells that erupt from paint cans, try adding one tablespoon of vanilla extract per pint. Not only will this neutralize that chemically odor, but the vanilla won’t compromise the quality of your paint. Plus, who wouldn’t want walls that smell like ice cream?

3. Hidden notes

Dead Salmon. Tornado Season. Mown Grass. There are so many different paint names. Remembering the one you used when you need to touch up can be a real pain...but it doesn’t have to be. For quick and easy reference, just stick a small note under a nearby fixture. You can even write it on a bit of tape!

4. Roller holder

Tired of your paint roller always drying out? Try wrapping it in a plastic bag and sticking the whole thing inside a Pringles can. It’ll be airtight, easy to transport, and easy to find. Just don’t forget there are no chips in there.